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WIP: Abstract Self Portrait

The two pictures you see are one in the same. I took an old self portrait to a figure drawing session with the purpose of painting right on top of it.  First I turned it upside down so I wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Rabbit Man? Pod People? Painting needs a new name

This painting was posted on Opera a few years back and was named “The Pod People”. For some reason, that name doesn’t fit. In fact, there is a movie with that name and after seeing the movie, the painting really … Continue reading

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Visions of the past

One in a series of many ultra fine point, permanent marker drawings I’ve done over the the last three winters. Wish I could get the whole drawing onto the scanner but I’ll have to photograph all of them eventually. 11 … Continue reading

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Collage 1 and 2, collaborative works by my granddaughter and I

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A Doodle is a Doodle – 3

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Where’s my mind been? I don’t know.

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The Little Copper Box

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The Scroll

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Merry Christmas and….yes….it does snow in Phoenix.

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A Night Blooming Beauty of the Desert

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