WIP: Abstract Self Portrait

The two pictures you see are one in the same. I took an old self portrait to a figure drawing session with the purpose of painting right on top of it.  First I turned it upside down so I wouldn’t be distracted with the old portrait. When I got done with the figure, I turned it right side up again just to see what the old portrait looked like.  I decided I liked the abstract self portrait even better and will continue to work on it as a portrait. Somehow, though, I want to try to keep a bit of the figure in it as well.abstract self portraitabstract by me  (1)

About pam

I am retired from real 9 to 5 jobs. I do my artwork and occasionally write poetry. In September 2010, I moved to Fargo, ND after spending 60 years in Phoenix, Arizona. Now, five years later, July 2015, I'm back in Arizona. And yes, I love the heat!
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2 Responses to WIP: Abstract Self Portrait

  1. pam says:

    Does anyone know how I ended up with the text being underlined? I didn’t do it on purpose. How do I undo it?

  2. pam says:

    Plus, how do I get my “about pam” section from in the middle of the page. It’s already up at the top. Guess I better practice blogging more.

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