Midgley Bridge, Sedona, Arizona

Midgley Bridge over Wilson Creek, Sedona, Arizona
Highway 89A, Built in 1938, 1939

Here is a full view of the bridge on a Sedona informational site.

A fantastic satellite view here.

Going through photos as usual and found this one I took during one of our day trips to Sedona many years ago. You have to cross the bridge to get to the parking, viewing area and also the trail head.
We did not do the hike this day but I would like to return. Sedona is a small but remarkable city with many scenic drives and hiking trails and is noted for it's Red Rock Country. I've done a post previously on Sedona here.

For more information about hiking trails in Sedona, this is a good site. This site takes a few seconds to load which is unusual because there are no photos.

About pam

I am retired from real 9 to 5 jobs. I do my artwork and occasionally write poetry. In September 2010, I moved to Fargo, ND after spending 60 years in Phoenix, Arizona. Now, five years later, July 2015, I'm back in Arizona. And yes, I love the heat!
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87 Responses to Midgley Bridge, Sedona, Arizona

  1. Unasia says:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=22tktN87ASkSedona always reminds me of this song.It is a very cool photo.

  2. PainterWoman says:

    Thank you dW and Clance. I remember distinctly taking this photo but do not remember crossing the bridge. They scare me so I probably blocked it out. I looked in vain for info as to how deep this gorge is but found nothing. In a minute, I'm going to add a satellite view of this area which is very cool. Nice video Clance. Love the song. You sure could drown in her blue eyes couldn't you. :p πŸ˜€

  3. derWandersmann says:

    That's a great photo, Pam.

  4. L2D2 says:

    Pam, this a a gorgeous spot, but, I have a fear of bridges over places like this. Not sure I would have been able to drive across it, could if I were a passenger, and no way could I WALK across it. I followed your links. Very beautiful country. I do not think of pretty, tumbling creeks when I think of Arizona. The desert is always in my mind's eye.

  5. PainterWoman says:

    Linda, Sedona is a gorgeous area. Somewhere there are photos of Oak Creek Canyon and the kids playing in the water. When I find them, I'll do a post on that area too. It is several miles before the area where this bridge is. Darko, I must have crossed the bridge and been at the view point. I would not have been the driver. I think this was when my husband and I went with a group of people because my kids were not with us this time. Or I don't think Suzy was even born yet. So this was probably 30 yrs ago.

  6. gdare says:

    It looks like you are standing on the very edge of that cliff :eyes: Excellent photo :yes:

  7. NLDH says:

    Nice photo. I like hiking so will try to make a trip to Arizona soon πŸ™‚

  8. gdare says:

    Does it still exist? A bridge?

  9. PainterWoman says:

    Thank you L.D. There are lots of hiking trails in Arizona for you to enjoy.Darko, yes, that bridge is still there.

  10. NLDH says:

    Thanks Pam, I will check them out. I've been in Arizona twice in Summer. The weather was too hot for me πŸ™‚

  11. derWandersmann says:

    You must be able to see my house from there! I live in Oak Creek!Wisconsin.

  12. PainterWoman says:

    June, July and August can be dreadfully hot. My daughter-in-law arrived in the middle of summer and couldn't stand it. I think she is used to it a little better now. March, April and May are nice and so are Oct. and Nov. Last year was weird because we had 100 degree temps from April thru Sept. I hope that doesn't repeat.

  13. PainterWoman says:

    I have been to NYC and New Jersey many, many years ago. But no further east than that.

  14. NLDH says:

    The waether is so unpredictable πŸ™‚ We have 4 seasons and I love the Spring and the Fall. Have you been in the East Coast?

  15. PainterWoman says:

    Originally posted by derWandersmann:

    I live in Oak Creek!

    There's one in Wisconsin too? Originally posted by debplatt:

    Sedona looks beautiful

    I really like this small city/town as well as Prescott. Both are small and very, very artsy and both have had western movies filmed there in years past. Would love to live in either one although Sedona is kind of expensive. Probably wouldn't be able to find a house less than $400,000. Originally posted by L2D2:

    Summer in Arizona sounds like heaven to me right now

    The three months it has 110 plus can get really tiresome but, really all the rest of the months are not bad at all. We've been in the 60s and 70s the past couple of weeks. Originally posted by derWandersmann:

    Heat wave

    πŸ˜† Yeah, I guess 24 would be a heat wave for you in Wisconsin. It's minus 13 last I look at Fargo's temp but Kathy tells me I might get lucky next week as they are expecting it to warm to 22. She told me she's picking me up at the airport in shorts. πŸ˜† Originally posted by debplatt:

    Hope your pipes stay okay

    Yes, I was wondering too Linda if you got your pipes covered.

  16. debplatt says:

    The photo of Midgley Bridge is fantastic. I followed your links; Sedona looks beautiful, too. I really hope we can visit Arizona some day (but not in summer).

  17. L2D2 says:

    Summer in Arizona sounds like heaven to me right now. It's 24F here now, with temps. still falling.

  18. derWandersmann says:

    Heat wave!

  19. Stardancer says:

    Cool bridge!:up:

  20. debplatt says:

    Originally posted by L2D2:

    It's 24F here now, with temps. still falling.

    Hope your pipes stay okay.

  21. derWandersmann says:

    I've got a bigger one, but I'd have to email it, if anyone wants it.

  22. PainterWoman says:

    Thanks Star. I love bridges but don't necessarily like driving over them.

  23. debplatt says:

    When I lived in Texas, our house was on a slab foundation. Apparently the pipes were in the poured concrete slab, and they sprung a leak in our attached garage. The plumbers actually had to break up the top of the slab to access them. What a mess!Originally posted by L2D2:

    I'll just have to leave my faucets trickling and cabinet doors open and hope for the best.

    You can only do what you can do. This approach seems to work.

  24. L2D2 says:

    Pipes will have to stay exposed because I can't wrap them myself and I can't pay for someone to do it either, so, I'll just have to leave my faucets trickling and cabinet doors open and hope for the best.

  25. boban62 says:

    Very nice.

  26. PainterWoman says:

    dW: Love the aerial view. It shows where the parking area is and also shows there are two lanes going across. In my old photo, it looks like the bridge is very narrow only allowing one car at a time.Linda: I wish you could get a neighbor to wrap the pipes for you. Deb: Oh wow, I can imagine the mess. In my old house, there were gas lines in concrete. I think years ago, things were not done to code. How the builders got away with it, I don't know. Boban: Thank you and welcome to my blog. I'll be commenting on yours soon.

  27. BabyJay99 says:

    :up: :up: πŸ˜‰

  28. ellinidata says:

    Stellar picture Pam!I was talking to a business associate last night and he said, I am not going out in my balcony because I am afraid of heights! 14 floor and he never uses his balcony! now looking at this bridge I can see why you felt it too! I have sweaty palm by it! still very impressive! :heart:

  29. ellinidata says:

    hahahha I couldn't agree more! :cheers:

  30. derWandersmann says:

    Several glasses.

  31. PainterWoman says:

    Thanks Angeliki. I'm not sure I'd use a 14th floor balcony either. Third or 4th floor…maybe. I had a hard time getting close to the windows when up in the John Hancock Bldg. in Chicago. Gave me butterflies and a feeling like I was going to fall through if I got too close. Hi Leazz. Glad to see you.

  32. ellinidata says:

    I live on the seventh floor,still when I go to my friends apt on the 16th I do get sweaty palm πŸ™‚ one reason to have a glass of wine to loosen up! :wine:

  33. 1bluebox says:

    cool shot pam! i think that bridge looks stable enough at least it is made of steel! cool cliff shot! much prettier than the ones around my area. we've got a place to go here in central west texas that is oak creek. a very small locale without cliffs just plains and cedar/oak trees (and mesquite). it is in nolan county i believe. i might go there this weekend for a camping trip in my friends rv camper.reckon that is why they got the names 'oak creek' — cause there are oaks and there's a creek? (whether it be texas, arizona or wisconsin)

  34. PainterWoman says:

    7th floor?….maybe that wouldn't be too bad. I just do not have the opportunity to be in high buildings. So I don't know. In downtown Phoenix, in a tall building, there used to be a restaurant called The Compass which rotated in a complete circle every hour so it moved relatively slowly. Haven't been there is years and don't even know if it's still open.It was probably 20 yrs ago I last was there. It was a large family dinner when my Aunt Ruby was still alive. There were windows all the way around and every time you looked out, you'd see different scenery. I'd swear I felt it moving even though it was very slow. Now, I'm curious and have to look it up. If it's still there, I'm going to go.

  35. PainterWoman says:

    The Compass is in the Hyatt Regency in downtown Phoenix:http://www.opentable.com/rest_profile.aspx?rid=2814Take a look at their menu:http://www.hyatt.com/hyatt/images/hotels/phxrp/WinterDinner2009.pdfA bit extravagant for me but I might treat myself to lunch there one day.

  36. PainterWoman says:

    Originally posted by 1bluebox:

    we've got a place to go here in central west texas that is oak creek

    Hi Deborah. Thank you. Seems there's an Oak Creek in many states. I bet if we googled it, there'd be a hundred of them. I really love this area. I may take a drive up to Sedona this weekend just to get out of the house.

  37. studio41 says:

    this photo and bridge is :eyes: amazing and I think I'd be a bit timid to cross over at this point… one of our bridges fell in Minneapolis and I always think about it each time I cross one…it is breathtaking though!

  38. debplatt says:

    As for bridges falling, when I was looking at this one in Arizona I was thinking, "How do you even inspect a bridge like that to see if it's deteriorating?"

  39. derWandersmann says:

    Very carefully.

  40. PainterWoman says:

    Originally posted by derWandersmann:

    Very carefully.

    Exactly. Anyone want to put on the safety harness and rappelling equipment?

  41. ellinidata says:

    Originally posted by PainterWoman:

    I'd swear I felt it moving even though it was very slow.

    we have the same in Salonika Greece (seond capital of the country).I went with a "boyfriend" and during dinner I was nauseous like a "motion sickness! " πŸ˜† :lol:you reminded me of the horror I felt when it started moving ! :lol:I was a very brave girl and I did not vomit ! πŸ˜† :doh:

  42. PainterWoman says:

    πŸ˜† I'm glad you did not vomit! I felt a motion sickness too. No one else in our party felt anything but I sure did. I think it was when I got up to go to the restroom and when I came out, it felt like I was in the wrong area because the scenery was different. A very strange feeling. I stood there for a second with my hand on the wall because I felt as if I was going to fall over. A kind waiter escorted me back to my seat saying "this happens more than you think and we've had servers quit because they couldn't stand the motion".

  43. PainterWoman says:

    Originally posted by studio41:

    this photo and bridge is amazing

    Thank you. It is a beautiful bridge and I very much want to take the drive to see it again.

  44. PainterWoman says:

    Originally posted by debplatt:

    "How do you even inspect a bridge like that to see if it's deteriorating?"

    I wonder that too. Besides being an Engineer, you'd think one would have to have mountain climbing gear on to do the inspection. Since this bridge is sixty years old now, it only seems logical that it is inspected every year. It's also in sort of a remote area and I don't think it gets heavy traffic so it probably wouldn't show deterioration as fast as other bridges.

  45. PainterWoman says:

    Originally posted by derWandersmann:

    I was not amused.

    πŸ˜† I would not be either if I could 'hear' it! Maybe it needed some WD-40…..several gallons of it.

  46. derWandersmann says:

    There used to be one in Chicago called the "Tip Top Tap" (Oh, how clever!) and you could hear it creaking and groaning as it went 'round, to say nothing of the slightly uneven motion. I was not amused.

  47. L2D2 says:

    That menu sounded very fancy, Pam, but good. Stuff there I have never eaten but would like to try.Anyone been in the Needle in Seattle? Isn't there a restaurant in there also? And I believe we have one in San Antonio Texas, left over from the World Fair. I will look it up and see. Might be wrong.

  48. L2D2 says:

    I didn't run across one in San Antonio, but we do have one in Houston and one in Dallas.

  49. PainterWoman says:

    Originally posted by L2D2:

    Anyone been in the Needle in Seattle?

    Yes, a couple of times in years past. My sister lived there for 25 years and we'd go up to the restaurant to eat when I'd visit. Somewhere I've got photos of that too. I don't remember if I went outside on the observation deck that surrounds it at the top.

  50. ellinidata says:

    Originally posted by PainterWoman:

    I think it was when I got up to go to the restroom and when I came out, it felt like I was in the wrong area because the scenery was different

    ahahahahaha I SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO know what you mean! πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† awwwwww Pam you are such a delightful lady! I love the simplicity in you and the bravery to talk about your flaws!

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