Ever been stood up?

Talking about blind dates over in Carlos’s blog post: “When Drooling Anticipation Doesn’t Pay”, we also got to talking about being stood up. While I don’t remember ever being on a blind date, I got to thinking about the time I was stood up. Was never stood up when I was young and single. This happened when I was in my fifties and single. 51 to be exact.

I was an administrative assistant at a residential treatment facility and a new chef was just hired. He was quite funny and always had everyone laughing. Anyway, we got to talking about life and such and exchanged numbers. He had said he was 51, the same age as me, and he was single. We talked on the phone for perhaps a week as we weren’t allowed to stand around talking where we worked.

One time on the phone I suggested we meet at a coffee house so I told him where and when. He never showed up. I knew he was new to the area so figured he couldn’t find. When I came home there was a message from him. I was right, he couldn’t find it so went home, and then was called into work. The next Monday at work, he apologized profusely.

Again, for another week we talked lots on the phone about everything. He seemed really nice, told me much about his life and nothing seemed odd…..yet.

We made another date to meet for coffee, this time at a different place, one that was well known, and in an area he said he knew. A half hour before I was to leave, he called and said that he was called into work again, only had a couple of minutes and to meet him at the Safeway parking lot which was near our work. This time a red flag went up. He’s asking me to meet him at an effing parking lot?

Got to the parking lot and he showed up fifteen minutes later. He gets out of his car and I immediately could tell he was nervous and couldn’t figure out why. I’m not the intimidating sort. I noticed he stood about six feet away from me with his arms folded and had a very strange look on his face. Red flag. He actually looked as if he was scared shitless.

He apologized first for being late and said he had driven to the coffee house to see if one was really there. I said “What?” He said his roommate, said I might be lying and setting him up. Again, I said “What?” Then he said his roommate said he should come clean with me so that I would come clean with him. What?

In a couple of our phone conversations, he had mentioned his roommate and how much he appreciated how much he had helped him. I figured it was moving to this state and helping with jobs and money. Nope.

Turned out his roommate was also is AA sponsor. AA is Alcoholics Anonymous. He promised me he’d been sober for a year. Ok, fine….I said, and asked him what the hell he meant about ME coming clean. He said his roommate told him I was probably lying about my age and being divorced and everything else I’d said to him. Red Flag. Two suspicious idiots living together isn’t a good thing.

I said “I didn’t lie” and started to open my car door to leave at this point I was so infuriated with this whole business.

Then he said wait “I have something else to tell you”.

He said he was really 36 and not 51 and that now that he’s told me the truth, I should do the same and that we could start all over with all the cards on the table. I started laughing, got in my car and left.

During the next two weeks I quit my job (not because of him), my ex had a heart attack and heart surgery, my daughters came into town and the three of us were over at their dad’s helping out. This guy called me every night wanting to talk. I never returned his calls. The last straw was when he called me drunk. He left me a message that he went off the wagon because of me and said: “Where the hell are you?”

He knew, from a very brief conversation my last day of work, that my ex had had a heart attack and my daughters were coming into town.

I can almost remember my message to him verbatim: “YOU want to know where the hell I am? YOU lie to me about your age, YOU break two coffee dates with me, accuse ME of lying and making you drink and YOU have the balls to ask me where the hell I am?" I don't remember if the last things I said was "Go F*** yourself" or "Go to hell". But he never called again.

About pam

I am retired from real 9 to 5 jobs. I do my artwork and occasionally write poetry. In September 2010, I moved to Fargo, ND after spending 60 years in Phoenix, Arizona. Now, five years later, July 2015, I'm back in Arizona. And yes, I love the heat!
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128 Responses to Ever been stood up?

  1. L2D2 says:

    Yeah! Thank you Dennis. Did you find Aldo Nova? He had some hits in the 80s and I liked his music. Never figured out if Aldo Nova was the singer or the entire band.

  2. H82typ says:

    *shakes up three cans of whoop-ass…* :p

  3. H82typ says:

    Do you remember Rockpile, Linda? I love those guys!

  4. PainterWoman says:

    Thanks Darko. It's going to take me a couple of days to catch up with all the new posts. Should be fun.

  5. PainterWoman says:

    😆 Thanks for the welcome back. Yes, I remember that commercial. The term whoop ass has to be a hundred years old and it cracks me up every time I hear it.

  6. gdare says:

    Welcome back 😀

  7. Suntana says:

    Welcome back, Pam!You know … reading "Whoop Ass" for some reason reminded me of an old TV Commercial. Are you familiar with the one that goes, "Hey, neighbor … how long's it been since you had a big, steaming bowl of Wolf Brand Chili? Well, that too long." WHY was I reminded of that? I don't know. Maybe cuz it could have gone, "Hey, neighbor … how long's it been since you had a big can of Whoop Ass opened on ya? Well, that too long." 😆

  8. L2D2 says:

    Good to have you home Pam. Have you really been gone 10 days? Have a good time? Happy Mother's Day.

  9. PainterWoman says:

    😆 Oh my, I can't even begin to address all these whoop ass music comments. I'll just say it's good to be home.

  10. gdare says:

    Take your time, no need to hurry 😀

  11. PainterWoman says:

    Thanks Graham.

  12. lovinmalamutes says:

    As a Mother I say let's start the celebration here like that!!:happy: We usually take out our Mothers to dinner or some special meal they don't have to prepare. And we give them presents.:happy: Thanks for explaining the difference.:up:

  13. lovinmalamutes says:

    Here in the US we celebrate Mothers Day in May. This year it was Sunday May 10, 2009. :happy: What is Mothering Sunday?:confused:

  14. lovinmalamutes says:

    YAY, YAHOO, YIPPEE Pam is back!!!!!! Hope you had an AWESOME trip and Mother's Day was the best ever for you!:hat: 😀

  15. PainterWoman says:

    Had a wonderful Mother's Day in Fargo. They took me to Olive Garden at 11:30am when it opened. Any later, and there is as much as a hour or more waiting time to be seated. Still, at 11:30 there were about 20 people waiting in the parking lot. Plus a steady stream of people after we were seated.It is one of Fargo's busiest restaurants. We had one of their new appetizers called lasagne fritta which were mini lasagne slices. Very delicious! The ricotta cheese in it was melt in your mouth. Then I had their salad and chicken gnochi soup. Again delicious. The day before, I was treated to a manicure so I'll have a pretty mauve nail polish for about a month.

  16. lovinmalamutes says:

    😀 :up:

  17. lovinmalamutes says:

    Olive Garden is one of my favorite places to dine. They always have good food. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM what you had sounds delicious. I've been wanting to try the mini lasagne slices. My favorite!!!:D SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad you had a great time.:yes: 😀 Of course it is also nice to be home, Right!?!:happy:

  18. L2D2 says:

    Sorry, gals, I do not like Italian food, not a fan of pasta. What I love about Olive Garden is their scrumdiliumptious salad and their Chicken Marsala. I like to eat seafood when I go out.

  19. PainterWoman says:

    Definitely good to be home. This was the first time my dogs actually whimpered when I walked in the door. They've always acted excited and jump around and press against me when I've been gone but this time was so sweet. I just sat on the floor with them for half an hour. My son and daughter-in-law dropped me off at home and there was a nice big lavender plant from them by my front door. So pretty.

  20. lovinmalamutes says:

    No problem there. Something for everyone. I am always happy when people don't like the same thing as I, because then there's more for me. hahaha :devil: 😆

  21. Moabdul says:

    Hey.. :)Welcome back Pam. :happy: it's been a bit dull when you were away.. for me at least.So, congratulations on ur daughter's graduation, hope she achieves more than she dreams of :happy:Happy mother's day :heart: ..hope u enjoyed the trip. 😀

  22. Suntana says:

    I concur on the Scrumtrulescently Yumlicious Olive Garden Salad, Peppermint. But, I do love me the Pastas. I had Spaghetti for lunch today.

  23. PainterWoman says:

    Thank you Mays. I'm still trying to catch up with all the new posts.Carlos, since I've got no food in the fridge and I just got my tax refund, I went to Subway and had a turkey/ham and veggie sandwich for lunch. Then I filled up the gas tank, developed two rolls of film, and bought another roll. Will get groceries tomorrow after I mow the lawn. I think my backyard sprinkler went haywire because the grass looks like a jungle and I'd just mowed it the day before I left! Will have to see what the setting is.Linda, I'd never had much Italian food till I met and married my second husband. I learned to make many of the dishes. Olive Garden's soups and salads are my favorite….and, of course the bread sticks.

  24. L2D2 says:

    Yes, the salad and breadsticks I could eat every day. Their salad greens are always so fresh and crispy and I love those ripe olives.When you go to the grocery store, be sure and stock up on the chocolate and icecream items.:lol: My lawn can't go a week here without needing mowing. My weeds grow very fast, especially since we have had a great deal of rain lately.Chuck, I didn't know till tonight that the dark-haired contestant in DWS is from Dallas, and also Ty. Probably lose Ty after tonight, although I think the judges are too hard on him. I love his determination.

  25. Suntana says:

    Hmmm? Dark-haired contestant … can you be more specific?Male or Female? Melissa was of course a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. Not that that means she's originally from there. Then again, Frencho Gilles is dark-haired and I don't think he's from Dallas.Yep, probably before last night's show, the judges probably had a Pow Wow and agreed that ANY micro misstep that Ty had … magnify the sucker so as to give them an excuse to score him low.

  26. L2D2 says:

    Well, there is only one dark-haired female contestant now. (I think) I guess it was Melissa and I believe she is from there.

  27. Suntana says:

    Well, she really knows how to shake it on the Latin dances.Oops! Did I veer Off Topic? 😆 I forget. Isn't Shawn Johnson also from the Dallas area?Or was it the other Olympian Gymnast girl, Shawn's team mate, who is from the Dallas area?

  28. L2D2 says:

    Don't know. It just showed profiles of the last four contestants last night. Dark haired one said she loved Dallas, blah, blahTy's parents said all he ever wanted to be was a cowboy and has been cowboying since he was about 3. Forget where in Texas he is from.

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