New Year’s Eve 2008

My wish to you my friends
is good health, serenity
and lots of fun

not just for 2009
but for all the years to come.

I shall be away for a few days and will see you again in 2009.

[/ALIGN]Before I go, I'd also like to reference a link to a poem by Clance (Unasia). He has a nice touch with words:
And to completely throw you for a loop, here is who I think is the greatest heavy metal singer ever:

I know, not very serene.
I got to see Ronnie James Dio in concert when he was in Phoenix many years ago.

And for the queen of offbeat clothing and hairstyles, Cyndi Lauper:

About pam

I am retired from real 9 to 5 jobs. I do my artwork and occasionally write poetry. In September 2010, I moved to Fargo, ND after spending 60 years in Phoenix, Arizona. Now, five years later, July 2015, I'm back in Arizona. And yes, I love the heat!
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18 Responses to New Year’s Eve 2008

  1. gdare says:

    Have a fun… or just enjoy yourself tonight.:D

  2. Huong Lan says:

    Hi Pam, happy new year! See you next year… πŸ˜€

  3. BabyJay99 says:

    Beautiful pixs Lady Pam, especially the yellow rose(i think) May your new year be blossom and prosperous. Another 7 more hours to go till 2009 :yes: Happy New Year and Happy Holidays to you and family Lady Pam πŸ™‚

  4. Dudley says:

    Happy New Year!

  5. lokutus-prime says:

    God Bless You and thank you for your friendship and your visits Lady Pam. Enjoy your break.Happy New Year.

  6. Suntana says:

    Have a lot of fun, Pam! Just don't go around intimidating, scaring, confusing and harassing Police Officers, Okay? πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜†

  7. Weatherlawyer says:

    Have a sweetie

  8. ellinidata says:

    :hat: Happy New Year Pam!I wish you health, and happiness :heart:Have fun where ever you are going, come back safe!:heart:

  9. Weatherlawyer says:

    Weatherlawyer meeting Painter Woman for the first time:

  10. quentinscrisp says:

    Happy New Year!I notice a very interesting-looking book in the photograph of the Buddha statuette.Dio is good, but I don't think I'll now find any heavy metal band to surpass Celtic Frost. Not everyone's cup of tea, though:

  11. DBabbit says:

    Happy New Year, Pam! Have fun!

  12. BabyJay99 says:

    Greetings Lady Pam and all. In life you will realise that the people you meet have a purpose. Some were put there to test you, some would use you, some would teach you, and some would bring out the better if not the best in you. Some may even cause you pain and heartache but one must learn to move on. So pray for the people who can't treat you right, and thank God for those who love you back and see your worth. Happy New Year to you and family. Best Regards. LΓ©azz

  13. PainterWoman says:

    Believe it or not, I'm still away. By away I mean I am limiting my time on the pc to about 5% for several days. Happy New Year to all of you. Thanks for your comments. Yes, Quentin, that book was interesting. Am now reading The Heart is a Lonely Hunter.It is unfortunate that Dio, or any heavy metal group for that matter, no longer has the popularity in the U.S. as they do in Europe. I listened to some Celtic Frost. I still like Dio the best. His voice is a little easier to listen to. I'll be on here briefly tomorrow morning.

  14. ellinidata says:

    we will be glad to see you again :)(I was surprised to see a notice for a comment…I am glad you have access to a PC :heart:)

  15. ForestFloor says:

    Happy New Year Pam :hat: πŸ™‚

  16. edwardpiercy says:

    "Have a cup of tea."Ah, Cyndi. The best to you this New Year's.

  17. Cynthia23 says:

    Happy New Year Pam! :heart: Wishing you many long lasting and happy memories to be made in 2009! Cheers :wine:

  18. PainterWoman says:

    Same to you Cynthia. :wine: Cheers!

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