Meet ‘CJ ‘ …My brat got out yesterday

Right in front of me, she got out yesterday. I have a four foot chain link fence in the front. A few months ago, I added a rolling security gate to roll across my carport so I can lock it up at night. I had just let my dogs out as I had a few things to do in the front yard. There is a walk through gate right next to the carport. It is always closed and latched unless I am walking through it to the car.

A lady was walking her dog and walked by along the sidewalk. CJ immediately went to the corner of the yard where there is a four inch space allowing the security gate to slide back and forth. I had wondered about this space but figured she couldn't get through it because her chest and shoulders are broader than that.

WRONG! To my horror, in a couple of seconds, she worked her way through and was barking at the lady and her dog. This wonderful lady, bent down and grabbed CJ by her collar and tried to hold her till I got out the walk through gate. The lady was even surprised and said 'that's a mighty small squeeze through space'. I said I couldn't believe it. In the few seconds it took for me to get to her, CJ had managed to get herself away from the lady but was only a few feet from me. Luckily, she didn't run off as she did once when I first got her ten years ago and another time when she squirmed out of her harness leash going into the vet's office.

I yelled 'CJ STAY', and immediately she realized what she'd done, or at least realized I was mad. She stopped and sat. I bent down to my knees, took her front legs, lifted her a bit (no not off the ground) so that she could face me and I said "BAD" several times, then took her back inside the yard, put her in front of the fence corner where she'd gotten out and repeated "BAD" several more times then brought both dogs inside. She immediately went to behind a chair. She started to come from behind the chair a couple of times and I made her go back for half an hour.

I am so glad I make it a point never to leave them in the front yard unattended. She would have been gone. I'm also glad my back yard is surrounded by a six foot block wall.


I must figure out something to do with that four inch space.

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I am retired from real 9 to 5 jobs. I do my artwork and occasionally write poetry. In September 2010, I moved to Fargo, ND after spending 60 years in Phoenix, Arizona. Now, five years later, July 2015, I'm back in Arizona. And yes, I love the heat!
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14 Responses to Meet ‘CJ ‘ …My brat got out yesterday

  1. Dudley says:

    I know what that is like. When my dog sees a squirrel…look out..she is gone.

  2. PainterWoman says:

    Same goes with a cat. They are fine in a dog park and just run around sniffing. I just don't go anymore because there are too many really big dogs. More my own fears than anything else.

  3. gdare says:

    Dogs and cats always find their way through :eyes:

  4. PainterWoman says:

    They sure do Darko. I went out this morning to inspect the area she got through. My little dog is 1/3 snake and 1/3 cat because she just slithered through. I'm going to have to put up some sort of barricade… just haven't figured out what yet.

  5. ellinidata says:

    a smart ,active, adorable dog!that's why you love her , right ?? :heart:

  6. PainterWoman says:

    I adore her!

  7. DBabbit says:

    Dogs are great escape artists. Binky will run out if I open the door, but he stays in the yard. Mom's pug, on the other hand, thinks she's big enough to stop a speeding car.

  8. edwardpiercy says:

    :lol:Well, I suggest taking CJ to the gym and getting her on a strenuous exercise program and get her on steroids to build up her little dog body so that it can't get through the four inch gap.

  9. PainterWoman says:

    'great escape artists' You are right about that Babs. The one or two times they both scooted out the front door and were running down the street is what prompted me to get the chain link fence around the front yard. I had not had them long enough to teach them to stay in the yard. Ed, or I could just feed her lots of human food and make her fat so she couldn't get through. Even at 10 yrs. old, CJ has so much energy, she'd probably still work it all off. My son is coming over today to help me rig something up to partially close the gap yet still allow the rolling gate to work.

  10. edwardpiercy says:

    If you say so. But I should remind you — "No pain, no gain."

  11. edwardpiercy says:


  12. PainterWoman says:

    I'm the one who should be at the gym to get loosened up. I've been feeling pretty stiff lately.

  13. SittingFox says:

    If they want to get out, they probably will get out! I was looking after an escape artist of a German shepherd when I was living in Canada last year and she, too, was as slippery as a snake. I knew her weakness though – if I opened up the car, she couldn't resist jumping in ;)Anyway, CJ looks very smart and determined!

  14. PainterWoman says:

    Ed, I'll meet ya there!:p Welcome Adele. Yes, she is smart as a whip and very determined. Still after ten years I have to put my wastebaskets in the bathtub when I leave so she can't reach them. She loves to rummage through and eat the kleenex.:yuck: I know she won't jump in the tub because she hates baths.

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