Happy Halloween Everyone

Here's an old favorite I always hear around Halloween:

The kids and I would always have fun dancing to it. A favorite family photo of them from Halloween night in 1985:

Candy anyone?

And here's a favorite game my kids and I always played. Just found it again. It got lost in my computer crash last May:

Halloween Hangman created by The Dimension's Edge, Inc.

About pam

I am retired from real 9 to 5 jobs. I do my artwork and occasionally write poetry. In September 2010, I moved to Fargo, ND after spending 60 years in Phoenix, Arizona. Now, five years later, July 2015, I'm back in Arizona. And yes, I love the heat!
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25 Responses to Happy Halloween Everyone

  1. Dudley says:

    :sing: :rip: 😉

  2. ellinidata says:

    I love this post Pam! thanks for sharing!Happy Halloween!:cheers:

  3. PainterWoman says:

    Be sure to also listen to the Purple People Eater in the 'related videos'.

  4. zetorres says:

    Beautiful family photo! ;);)

  5. PainterWoman says:

    :sing: :beer: Thank you Andy, Angeliki, Ze' and Issy. Have a fun night. My son and his wife invited me over for dinner tonight and to help pass out candy.

  6. wickedlizard says:

    Happy Halloween! :cheers:

  7. Cynthia23 says:

    Hi Pam! Have fun tonight and YES! lovely picture.

  8. gdare says:

    Happy Halloween!!!

  9. PainterWoman says:

    Hi Cynthia: Thank you, I will. My son is always embarrassed that I show photos of when he had long hair. He was in a rock band for a short while so, to me, there is nothing wrong with it. Hi Darko: Thank you and same to you.

  10. Suntana says:

    You know the drill, Pam. I'll have to skip the YouTube. But, would it be safe to assume it is Monster Mash? That Candy House looks delicious. Is that Chocolate or Gingerbread? Is the ground Chocolate … a Chocolate Cake? Someone had sent me that Halloween Hangman last year. I don't know if I still have it over in my collection of Games on my AOL Favorites. Sounds like you had a fun evening, Pam.I kinda … :left: :right: alright, I outright Pigged Out. :whistle: I had already had 2 Tuna Fish Sandwiches and some leftover Campbell's Beef & Potato Soup. Then after my 45 minute wait, I went and started my Workout. Well, someone showed up unexpectedly with a Medium Pizza and a bag full of assorted Candy. :eyes: Now how was I supposed to say NO to Pizza? And to Candy for that matter? I couldn't. So, the Workout was put on hold. I proceeded to have at least 4 pieces of Pizza and several pieces of Candy.After all that Pigging Out, I had to abort the Workout. Well, not only because I was all full, but because in exchange for those surprise Goodies, I was to modify an MS Word Form. It was a good trade. I'll just have to make sure I really Work Out hard tomorrow.Then I proceeded to Un-Halloweenize my Blog and tinker around with a New Look.

  11. PainterWoman says:

    Hi Carlos, Here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZJSW_7YLVs I don't know if that'll make a difference for you. And yes, it was Monster Mash with clips of an old Cary Grant movie. I did good tonight. Went over to my son and daughtr-in-law's house to pass out candy. My dinner consisted of apple slices w/ an asian chili type salt and pumpkin seeds. The seeds are good but you spend so much time picking and nibbling apart the shell to get the tiny seed….well, I ended up not being too hungry. I hadn't passed out candy in a few years so it was cute seeing all the little kids again. The hilight of the night, however, were four guys, about 17 or so, all six foot or close to it, dressed as Tele Tubbies. I'll swear, the whole head to toe costume. It was hilarious seeing them walking down the street. I couldn't figure out what they were until they came right up to us….then I burst out laughing and said 'giant Tele Tubbies'. They looked like they were having fun and it was probably their one last Trick or Treat outing. I'll probably have a few 'snicker bites' before I go to bed. Oh and the candy house is gingerbread. It's kinda Christmasy but I thought it was cute.

  12. gdare says:

    Tele Tubbies!!! :yikes: :insane:I don`t like them. But it must have been very funny to see them outside, and so big 😛

  13. PainterWoman says:

    I'm with you Darko. The show came out after my youngest was maybe five or six years old, past the age where she'd watch it. I've watched it a few times just for a minute or two and found it to be very strange. The Tubbies don't talk and just prance around making little sounds. I guess it's supposed to mimic what little babies do, I don't know. I preferred talking and playing with my children instead of sitting them in front of the TV to watch weird little creatures. Oh, we watched Sesame Street sometimes but at least there were real people interacting but I never had the TV on hour after hour. I really wish I'd had my camera and taken a photo of those guys.

  14. gdare says:

    Some people I know used to put thier two youngest kids in front of TV and let them watch commercials :insane: They told me the kids were so quiet :eyes:

  15. Suntana says:

    You know, Pam, I actually heard Monster Mash in Spanish a long time ago, way before I ever heard it in English.Hmmm? I'm trying to analyze and figure out whether the – apple slices w/ an asian chili type salt and pumpkin seeds is all ONE dish or two or three. I'm trying to think back and remember. I'm pretty sure I've eaten pumpkin seeds. I could be wrong, but from what I THINK I'm remembering, the ones I've eaten were dry and maybe even a tad toasted … AND we'd eat them whole. I'm NOT envisioning that we used to crack them open a la sunflower seeds.4 Giant TeleTubbies. I guess it could have been worse … 4 Barney the Purple Dinosaurs. Is that one completely dead / passé?

  16. PainterWoman says:

    Darko: I knew a family who put there son in front of the TV to watch the same hour long cartoon video several times a day. It was Dumbo. He could almost recite the whole thing as it went along.:eyes: Carlos: Two dishes. The apple slices sprinkled with the special salt then baked pumpkin seeds coated with a bit of oil and sprinkled with salt after baking. We had to bite the shell off first to get to the seed. I had such a hard time retrieving the seeds. They were so little and kept popping out onto the ground. The real birds probably had a feast in their front yard this morning just from what I dropped.

  17. gdare says:

    I`ve read somewhere that people shouldn`t let their kids watch a lot of commercials because they tend to accept literally every promise made in them. Kids are unable to make a difference between commercials and real life. And we all know how tricky commercials can be, even to a grown ups. :insane:

  18. ricewood says:

    I know that song – and it works nicely with the footage :DDarko, occasionally I get the impression that kids are (sometimes) more clever than adults when it comes to see the difference between commercials and real life. They are used to play.

  19. PainterWoman says:

    Hi, Allan. Always loved Cary Grant. I thought it funny how they edited the film clip, back tracked it (or whatever it's called). It reminded me so much of how the kids and I used to dance to the music.Darko, there are some really good commercials and I saw a documentary once on the best ones from all over the world. Now I'll have to look on YT to find some commercials. Most though are annoying and loud, like the local advertisers. I have to lower the volume when they air and I think the people with the most irritating voices get hired to do them because you always remember it!

  20. thatgirl says:

    1985 :eyes: I wasnt even born, But love the dorky look of the 80s hehe and i see you were sucker for it. I too like Halloween and everything what go with it, great post

  21. PainterWoman says:

    Thanks Mel. Yes, that was like…….23 years ago. Wow, it only seems like last month.Actually, that's my son with the long hair. He thinks it's a dorky look now but likes the pic with his little sisters. He was in a band called 'Detente' for a short while till they disbanded. They almost lost all their equipment when they couldn't pay the fee for the small warehouse they were renting. I paid the fee because I couldn't stand the landlord and the thought of them losing a complete drum set, three guitars, and three amplifiers. My son has paid me back but never heard from the other three guys. I took some photos of them when they played at a club but can't find them. 😥

  22. Suntana says:

    That WOULD have been a lot of equipment to lose. Back in my musician days, we once had our 2 Big PA System Speaker Boxes stolen. After a gig, 2 of our musicians were carrying them in the back of a truck. They stopped to have some Burgers after the gig. In a hindsight ill-advised manner, they apparently parked on the side of the joint instead of parking where they had the truck & speakers in their line of sight. Once they finished their Burgers … the truck was empty. :bomb:

  23. thatgirl says:

    ToeToe, was that when you did cover of the song "Its time of my life", If so I can understand why the stuff got "Misplace" hehe :devil:

  24. thatgirl says:

    Or put simple that you suck so bad that they dint want to make other people hear how sucky you were Just kidding. But yeah I dont mind singing at times andhave share my voical skills few times over the years and one stage I did come close to be in band called the dead beats witch was mix of metel and hard rock.

  25. Suntana says:

    Ohhh, so you're saying someone was trying to teach us a lesson by stealing our Speakers … for having played "It's Time of My Life?" OUCH! 😥 Well, we didn't cover THAT song, but we did do covers of "That's the Way (Aha Aha) I Like It" and "Shake Your Booty," so THOSE might have been the reason they stole our Speakers. 😆

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