Besides my Opera friends making me smile everyday

Here are my two beloved dogs who do the same.

Camie the Keeshond is the sweetest natured dog ever. Keeshonds are a stocky type dog (generally 38 to 45 lbs) and very furry. A few hundred years ago they were used for killing rats on barges. Camie, however, does not hunt or kill anything and is somewhat timid. Camie must be in whatever room I’m in. I got her from a rescue. Actually, I had gone to PetsMart to get bird seed and saw people from the rescue unloading dogs. I went over to the cages and started reading the tags on each cage and looking and talking to each dog. Camie, the name given to her by the rescue, was cowering in the back of the cage. I got on my knees to talk to her and she came up to the door of the cage and gave my fingers the tiniest little lick. That was it. I had a dog. I was told she was two years old when I got her and I’ve had her since August of 1999.

The black and tan one is a 15 lb Miniature Pinscher. She is my crooked little dog and her name is CJ Picasso. She is very independent and somewhat of a brat because she doesn’t always listen but I love her anyway. CJ was just a tiny 5lb puppy when my daughter saw her wandering around up in a small town in Northern Arizona. There were not many houses around but she went to a few and no one claimed it. My daughter then arrived at the place where she was visiting, the grandmother of a friend, and found out it belonged to a guy who’d been thrown in jail. The guy had given it to the grandmother who used a walker to get around and already had four dogs. She told my daughter to take the puppy cuz it would end up freezing to death outside or become a larger animal’s dinner. My daughter brought the puppy home to me in December of 1999. So then there were two.

Camie didn’t quite know what to do with this 5 lb. bundle of energy. CJ never stopped moving, running, pulling on Camie’s fur, tearing up shoes, emptying wastebaskets and tearing all the tissues into a million tiny pieces and sometimes eating them. I had to start putting all the wastebaskets in the sink and all my shoes up high until she got past that stage. Camie tolerated her for a few months until they got used to each other. I wish I had photos of all the times CJ would pull out tufts of gray fur from Camie. She’d stand there triumphant with gray fur hanging out of her mouth looking like Fu Man Chu.

About pam

I am retired from real 9 to 5 jobs. I do my artwork and occasionally write poetry. In September 2010, I moved to Fargo, ND after spending 60 years in Phoenix, Arizona. Now, five years later, July 2015, I'm back in Arizona. And yes, I love the heat!
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111 Responses to Besides my Opera friends making me smile everyday

  1. PainterWoman says:

    Oh, tell it, please. Your english is fine. I love dog stories.

  2. zetorres says:

    Yes, they are special! If I was able to tell you a story a true story about dogs…but my english…:zip:

  3. zetorres says:

    Is nothing special Pamela! :)I will try!;)One day I was riding my bike with some friends by the beach, then we went in a place with some restaurants, tae rooms, shops, greenhouse a very nice place to rest a bit, looking to the sea! :)In that place in that day was a team of people that care abandoned dogs… here in Portugal stupid people before went in holidays often adandone dogs…:irked:Well in that place was some cages with some abandoned dogs…those dogs are for people that want them and want give them care and love…:)I get close of one that cages and the dog put his feet over my arms, like to trying to say me, I want you, take me please , his feet made so strong in my warms, like if the dog was talking with me, with his sad eyes…My eyes turn to cry…I think any dog ned space to live and play, I have no garden, no space even for a small dog! :(:(I realy hope one day have that space, and I will make happy one of those dogs that was abandoned!Soory my english.

  4. zetorres says:

    I understand all you have write, and that is true! :up: These are our best animal frinds, indded! :up:Every day they put in our face a nice smile! :):)Beautiful post Pamela! :):)

  5. PainterWoman says:

    Thank you Ze. They are very special to me.

  6. PainterWoman says:

    Oh Ze, I know how you feel. I felt the same when looking at all the dogs. Wished I could take all of them.

  7. edwardpiercy says:

    "They'll pry my Pentax out of my cold, dead fingers." 🙂

  8. edwardpiercy says:

    Great pics. I love the bottom one of CJ. I looks like it should have some sort of caption on it — maybe "What? Me worry"Thanks for introducing us to your dogs. :up: :up:My new Sasha was sitting on my lap here at the desk earlier and chewed the wire to my headphones. $15 down the drain — and I am now without mucic here at the computer. Looks like I'll have to reconnect the old speakers. :down:

  9. zetorres says:

    :lol::lol: In my album about dogs lots of them are abandoned!:(:(

  10. Captivevet says:

    Dogs are interesting to live with. I have none now, but I have had them in the past. I think someone must have taken potshots at CJ with some kind of airgun. She sees you raise your arms up to hold the camara and she thinks you are going to "shoot" her. Just a hunch.:coffee:

  11. PainterWoman says:

    😆 Actually, CJ is terrified of the camera (the only other thing she is scared of is me spraying her with water). I have very few pics of her. This one is very recent and someone has to pick her up and hold her, otherwise, she'd run behind a chair.

  12. zetorres says:

    Would be great Pam.! :):)

  13. PainterWoman says:

    Ed: Yeah she'd probably like to do that.Thanks Angeliki. Only one is perfectly well behaved. Tyler, CJ's been with me since she was about 6 weeks old. I think when I took photos of her at the begining, I used a flash and she hated it, or she's just afraid of that black box in front of my face. It's Camie who may have been abused. She was 2 and the first month I had her, she would flinch if I moved too fast or raised my arm to turn on a light or something. Rents are anywhere from $600/mo to $1000/mo for the same size place. Just depends on where. That's for a 1 bedroom that my son used to get. Have no idea what a studio apartment would be.

  14. Captivevet says:

    The snow is comming and I dread it. My uncle may take himself down to New Orleans and do some volunteering. He likes that kind of thing. I just want to go somewhere warm.:coffee:

  15. Captivevet says:

    Dog abuse is a very sad thing. What is really strange is that people don't always know that they are abusing their dog. Things like not giving it proper shelter, and leaving it on a chain all of the time, or worse: leave it locked in a garage for nine months like my brother did to his dog.After the dog went crazy, (surprize) he decided to take it to the pound and have it killed. I happened to be there on a visit and intervened. I took Freckles back to the old farm I was living on.Freckles was half German Shep and half Collie. She was loyal to a fault and as dumb as a brick. She didn't stop chasing cars until the 2nd time she got hit by one. She had a Shep body and the teeth, but had collie fur and brain. With her double dose of the hearding instinct, she was always trying to round up what ever was running loose. She was always knocking over people on bycycles because she thought they were some kind of stray cow. I don't think her vision was real good.:no: :coffee:

  16. Captivevet says:

    Pam, what are the rents like out there. It is about to start snowing around here.:coffee:

  17. ellinidata says:

    thanks for sharing pictures of your furry family members Pam,they look like well behaved dogs :)*hugs*

  18. ricewood says:

    Oh, dogs are my favorites amongst domesticated animals – after cats. I love reading stories about them – but can't have a dog of my own here where I live. Not that I'm not allowed, but I won't be able to take good care of a demanding animal like a dog with the life I'm leading.Keep up the dog stories, please. They make nice substitutes.

  19. Captivevet says:

    When I was first dating my 1st ex-wife, she had an old Doberman that didn't like me very much. He had arthritis in his hips and was in a certain amount of pain most of the time.Anyway, over the course of time, I discovered that the dog loved plain hamburgers. So on my way over to Tasha's house, I would stop at Burger King and get a plain hamburger. When I got to her house and pulled in the driveway, the dog would come after me. I would calmly unwrap the hamburger and then throw it to him. He would snatch up the hamburger and go under the porch with it. Once that was done, I was free to get out of the car; the dog wouldn't bother me anymore until the next time.:coffee:

  20. PainterWoman says:

    Hi Allan. I guess with me cats come second even though I grew up with them. My dad fed every stray cat in the neighborhood. We had fourteen hanging around our house at any given time. It wasn't until I was a bit past 30 when I got my first dog. Tyler, I don't think I would have gotten out of the car with a Doberman coming towards me. They are big. I think I'll stick to my small to medium size dogs.

  21. shushio says:

    … they are beautiful PW. Camie is similar in appearance (not breed) to a dog my grandma had. She used to love being brushed by us when we were little – would sit there for hours. ''She’d stand there triumphant with gray fur hanging out of her mouth looking like Fu Man Chu.''Loved this. Can just picture it. 😀 – she sounds like a jack-in-the-box on idestructible springs.Am dog sitting at the moment, these pics and this one sat with head on my feet as I'm typing is making me wish I could – but I can't. Not yet.

  22. PainterWoman says:

    A jack-in-the-box on indestructible springs is exactly what she is even at ten yrs old. I bet she goes in and out the doggie door a hundred times a day…not go pee but to just look, listen and sniff and make the rounds of the yard. I'd love to have a counter thing on the door to actually see how many times. She hears everything and when she is intently listening that right ear stands straight up which looks even funnier. She was scared in this photo and just wishing that black box was staring at her. She is not scared of much. A vet once said she'd never seen such an asymmetrical dog. You can't see it in the photo but, besides her ears and nose being off, one side of her mouth opens further back than the other. Poor Camie is so patient and sweet but will let CJ know by a certain growl 'ok, leave me alone, I don't WANT to play chase'. Camie never took to the brushing thing which was a pain. It would take me three days to finally get all of her. Several summers in a row I had her fur cut really short because she was so hot and miserable. I cut her fur myself now but still it takes me several days. She gets tired standing so I have to wait to finish the next day. This is the first summer in a long time I didn't shave her.

  23. shushio says:

    ''A vet once said she'd never seen such an asymmetrical dog.'' Awwww … she sounds a sweet dog. A very bouncy,inquisitive, sweet dog. :DDon't envy you that fur clipping and grooming.

  24. thatgirl says:

    or when it loose it hair

  25. thatgirl says:

    Camie is so cute I very fan of german shepherd, really miss my two boys at home :awww: But doga are amazeing ceatuers really enjoy this post

  26. wickedlizard says:

    what cuties! 😀 I have a Serra da Estrela dog. one looks just like mine in full stance. 😀 is my sweet Dylan: (bored witless) 😆´s 10 years old now…

  27. PainterWoman says:

    Thanks Mel. I enjoy talking about them.

  28. wickedlizard says:

    😀 he is really sweet… he loves to go on these incredibly long roams… he´s always loose and he adores people.He lies around in my house like a huge bear rug – always in the way! 😆 Yes, he is intelligent and a really mild mannered dog. He is quite a big dog, this breed were bred to protect sheep from wolves in mainland Portugal, Serra da Estrela is where they supposedly come from, thus the name, the translation of the name is Star Sierra??? It is a very popular place for skiing nowadays. Dylan has honey colored eyes, which look so much like the eyes of the wolves and they are about the same size. The Serra Estrela once wore nail imbedded collars to protect their necks from the wolves. They can roam easily for miles. He is an incredibly muscular dog. We love him to bits. :love: He had a terrible accident 2 years ago, had a 3 hour surgery to rebuild his leg, with steel implants. He still sometimes limp, but he is back to his old self. :heart:

  29. PainterWoman says:

    Isabel, that is one beautiful dog. I bet they are very smart.

  30. PainterWoman says:

    Mel, do you ever get to see your two German Shepherds? I think dogs are amazing too. Mine always know when I am sad and just want to sleep. CJ will jump up on the bed and keep poking my arm with her cold nose 'get up, get up'. Camie can't jump up on the bed anymore but she will stand close to the bed and put her face right by mine and just make doggie breath go in my face. Good afternoon Tyler.:coffee:

  31. Captivevet says:

    :heart: :coffee:

  32. Captivevet says:

    Ah god, flash backs of "doggie breath". It would get so cold in that old farmhouse that the dogs would sleep on top of us, to get off of the floor.:cool:

  33. mynoel says:

    i also love dogs…beautiful dogs i love them:)

  34. wickedlizard says:

    😀 :heart:

  35. Captivevet says:

    I am having coffee and watching it rain.:coffee:

  36. Captivevet says:

    Dogs can sense a "dog lover", generally. With two exceptions, I have never really had much trouble getting to know a dog.:coffee:

  37. DBabbit says:

    I love stories about dogs — Thanks for sharing! They are the most entertaining animals. Binky is snoring at my feet. If I move, he'll be right behind me. He doesnn't let me out of his sight. 😀

  38. PainterWoman says:

    Hi Noel. Do you have dogs?Hi Babs. Binky is adorable.Tyler, yes I think most dogs can sense a dog lover but, as you say, there are exceptions. I have been growled at before and it's a little scary, especially if they are big enough to bite off your hand.

  39. PainterWoman says:

    Don't the hunters keep their dogs with them? Or do they just leave them when they're done hunting?In the neighborhood I live in, there are a few dogs that get out and run loose sometimes. I no longer take my dogs out for walks anymore because of that. Mine are smaller, yet very protective of me, and the dogs that run loose are much larger. I've got a four foot chain link fence around my front yard to keep mine in and the others out. I had to get a special permit from the city cuz the limit is three feet.

  40. DBabbit says:

    I've come home to having stray dogs in the yard because people tend to drop them off where I live – I'm not looking forward to the hunting season which is coming up either. Hunting dogs come around for at least 2 months, so I have to buy a bag of dog food just to put out for them – Keep them fed and they leave me alone. Some of them get so hungry they get aggressive.

  41. DBabbit says:

    Once they turn the dogs loose and they start chasing game – deer – if they don't come back, the hunters leave them until they are nearly starved to death. Usually, someone has to catch them and call the owners. I think it's totally wrong, and shows a clear disregard to the health of the animals, and others as well since they've been known to contract rabies and spread it. I've got a 10'x 5' cage in the back yard and I'll be using it this year to catch and hold them. I would keep them all if I could and give them a better home, but hunting dogs and rabbits don't mix, and I don't want to take that chance.

  42. PainterWoman says:

    I think that's terrible that they just leave their dogs. I don't understand their thinking. Plus, you'd think that a hunting dog would be trained to come back. Makes no sense at all.

  43. DBabbit says:

    Some are, some aren't – The younger dogs who have never hunted before are usually the ones who end up starving to death because they get separated from the pack. Plus, it depends on how far the deer travels, whether the dog loses the trail, and how long the hunter sticks around. Most of the hunting clubs around here are nothing more than alcoholic parties. It's not a really nice thought to have a bunch of drunks with guns around. It's illegal, but it happens. I know several people who have had their homes shot full of bullets because of some idiot is too drunk to know what he's shooting at.

  44. AOTEAROAnz says:

    😮 Binky is looking gorgeous Babs!Pamela…:heart:

  45. Captivevet says:

    Drunken hunters are a scourge everywhere.

  46. 1bluebox says:

    pam, i so enjoyed your post about the two canine friends in your life. they are beautiful! the comments have been interesting and wonderful to review. as you know, i am an avid dog lover and can only appreciate more the moments spent with any canine. there are other animals that can be appreciated, but none quite as much as a true canine companion. i am so lucky to have three who love me at this time (and my birdie bird loves me too). thanks for sharing pam and all!for those of you without an animal friend, i would recommend you volunteer at a local shelter or your local zoo. there are always interactions available for volunteers. another source is an animal therapy group usually found at your local hopital or physical therapy center. maybe that will decrease your need for animal companionship in a small way and help others in a very big way. deborah.

  47. PainterWoman says:

    Thanks Deb. They are very dear to me. I keep thinking of getting one or two more but then I stop myself because the dynamics between these two are so funny and special, I'd hate to change it. Besides, I've only got two hands and when I'm petting one, the other has to come over to be petted too. Always a little sibling rivalry going on. Plus, I've been treating Camie for Valley Fever for almost a year and a half. I've probably spent $1500 to $2000 in that time on blood tests and medication every three months. I couldn't afford to take care of more.

  48. PainterWoman says:

    That is another reason I'm glad I got my fence Mel. The first two years I was in my house (and before I had my dogs), there would be two or three piles of poop in my front yard. The piles were different sizes so I knew it was different dogs. I thought, now why wouldn't the owner be walking with the dog and pick that up? After two years (too long) of picking up crap, I decided to be a secret agent. I got up really early and sat on the front porch sipping coffee to see who and what dog was doing this. I had my garden hose ready.The first dog that came by was a cute little scruffy white dog. It came from down the street and came prancing into my yard to do its duty. Before he did, I sprayed him with the hose. He ran off a bit but came right back cuz I guess he really had to go. I sprayed again. He finally ran one house down and did his dump on the sidewalk. Then a person walked past with their dog on a leash and the dog started to come in my yard but the owner saw me sitting there and pulled the dog back. I'm sure that was one of the other 'regulars' because I watched as he let the dog take a dump in a yard two houses down and not pick it up. Why NOT?! The third dog was my next door neighbor's. I wanted to stay on good terms with my them so I said nothing but did spray the dog out of my yard but he did it on the sidewalk in front of my house. Now, with my fence, I only have to pick up my dogs' crap. But the neighbor's dog, who is very old now, still does it on the sidewalk in front of my house or driveway. I don't know why it doesn't go in it's own yard.

  49. thatgirl says:

    Funny story todayI was waiting outside my place for the car to come to take me to work. I was sitting on step and saw dog take dump, ok not funny it mad think were the owner to pick it up. I dint think any thing of it all day till came home from work got out and yeah I walk in and was like, damn what the smell look on wnd of my shoe. Yep dog poo so went out to front and look were it came from and its was same one from morning. So I think I upset the dog mob because i just been targeted 😦

  50. thatgirl says:

    Some how I can see you in dressing grown waveing rolled up newspaper swearing bunch and then running after the small dog

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