Back in the studio

My new shelving and work space

Entrance to my studio

To work on I chose a piece on wood panel that already had a figure partially painted on it. The figure was from a Michelangelo painting, however, I changed the profile. Surprisingly, the background was still white so I quickly covered up that dreadful white. It's like a blank sheet of paper to a writer.

The next day I began adding more color to the background plus changed the profile a bit and began sketching in a figure on the back of the main figure.

More color added to the background and more sketching in of images on the bottom left.

I have no name for this one yet which is also surprising. A boa constrictor, poison ivy, and other things may be added….I'm not sure. I usually find images on the net or in magazines, cut them out and place them on the painting to get an idea of what it will look like OR I just make them up. This is small for me….26 in x 24 in so adding too much might make it too busy.

About pam

I am retired from real 9 to 5 jobs. I do my artwork and occasionally write poetry. In September 2010, I moved to Fargo, ND after spending 60 years in Phoenix, Arizona. Now, five years later, July 2015, I'm back in Arizona. And yes, I love the heat!
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108 Responses to Back in the studio

  1. Huong Lan says:

    I love your painting! ^_^ Hope that I can visit your studio some day.Wish you a nice weekend!Lan

  2. Huong Lan says:

    Thanks, Pam. :)Lan

  3. PainterWoman says:

    My progress has slowed for the time being as some family issues have come up. It will pass.

  4. shushio says:

    Hi PW … just called by to see how it was going in studio. 🙂

  5. shushio says:

    … sorry to hear that PW, hope things sort themselves out.

  6. PainterWoman says:

    Yes, the name is Pam. And I think your name is Carlos? Got that from one of your office birthday balloon stories. Yes, I used to watch Bob Ross too. Always liked the gentle way about him. To me, painting is not easy. Getting past the thought process beforehand is hardest then once you start, well…..the process comes and goes. I tend to let too much outside interference hamper my progress. Doesn't matter that I live alone…..stuff just happens. There are times when I can turn off all outside influences and paint away for hours. It happened about two weeks ago before I did this post, then life crap started to happen. The painting will be turned back on, so to speak, in a few days.

  7. Suntana says:

    Pam, is it? It should be if I followed the comments correctly. At least it'd better be. Otherwise it'll be about as embarrassing as the time that I started talking in Spanish to some guy at work because he sure looked Mexican. Once I realized he wasn't understanding me, I switched back to English. It wasn't until later that someone informed me that the dude was Pakistani. :doh: Anyway, Pam, looking at the entrance to your studio reminds me of when I used to watch that Painter Ross' TV Show on a regular basis. I watched it so much that there at the end I had memorized all his Tips & techniques. I swore that I could very likely almost paint like him. How could I not? It looked easy … or at least HE made it look easy. I never did try it, but I'm sure HAD I actually gotten brushes & knifes in my hand, the result on the canvas wouldn't have been anywhere near what I had envisioned being able to do in my head. It was always amazing what he painted in less than 30 minutes.

  8. Suntana says:

    Yupper, the name is Carlos. Yeah, I now have Balloon Bouquet Phobia. 😆 BOB! THAT's his first name! I couldn't think of it to save my life. I sorta thought "John" Ross, but I don't know if that came naturally because now in retrospect, "John Ross" was JR Ewing's son on the TV Show Dallas. Yeah, it was relaxing watching Ross paint while I ate dinner.So, I guess you wouldn't want your own TV Show where you had to paint a full painting in like 20 minutes … while bantering with the TV audience and a parrot and other animals, huh? 😆 I got a kick out of how sometimes he'd actually even finish too quickly. There'd be 10 minutes left and the painting would pretty much be complete, so he'd be there milking minute details on a single bush and such. Heck, it'd probably take me 30 minutes to paint a bush … and an ugly one at that.

  9. PainterWoman says:

    "So, I guess you wouldn't want your own TV Show where you had to paint a full painting in like 20 minutes … while bantering with the TV audience…"H…..Heavens no. I'm kinda quiet although I can get to blathering on here. And in front of a camera!:eyes: I'd probably freeze up and couldn't paint at all. I don't paint as fast as he did anyway. Once I am in the painting mode (that means phone turned off and inspiring music on) I tune out everything else. It'd be difficult for me to explain as I painted. I did a demo once in front of some high school art students, even got paid for it which was unexpected, and I thought I did terrible but they were in awe. The class was 40 min, I showed some of my work the first 15 or 20, then painted an expressionistic face with acrylic in the next 20 minutes. I didn't talk the whole time, but each time I changed colors, I said what I was going to do next. It was only after the class that my art teacher friend told me it was videotaped.:yikes:

  10. PainterWoman says:

    Actually, it was a she. She and her sister are both high school art teachers and have been for 15 or 20 years. I doubt she'd put it on YT cuz she said it was going to the school's office library. She said I did great so I think, maybe I am my own worst critic. I might cringe though if I actually saw the video. :yikes:

  11. Suntana says:

    Originally posted by PainterWoman:

    I did a demo once in front of some high school art students, even got paid for it which was unexpected, and I thought I did terrible but they were in awe. The class was 40 min, I showed some of my work the first 15 or 20, then painted an expressionistic face with acrylic in the next 20 minutes. I didn't talk the whole time, but each time I changed colors, I said what I was going to do next. It was only after the class that my art teacher friend told me it was videotaped.

    I'm the same way. In RL, I neither thrive in nor crave the spotlight. :insane: Heck, I get petrified and my heart beats fast when I have to get up front center stage during a game of Guesstures (Charades). It's been some years since the last time, but I still remember.You probably threatened your friend that if you ever saw that video making the YouTube rounds on the Net, you'd hunt him down and give him a beatdown.:D

  12. Suntana says:

    :doh: Sorry about the "him" assumption.That reminded me of a hilarious situation wayyy back in 2003 during my first days ever of posting anywhere. I had just started posting on some AOL Message Boards. It was around my 2nd day that I really hit it off with this girl. I had a different Screen Name, kinda weird, so it didn't exactly indicate I was a guy. But, that girl and I had pretty good rapport from the get go. Then one day I REALLY cracked up when in reference to me, she goes, "That'my Gurl!" 😆 Just for kicks, I let it go for I think 2 more days and she even used that phrase again. Finally I told her something like, "Hey, you know how on the Jerry Springer Show they're always surprising their friends by revealing these BIG Secrets? Well, I have to tell you something. I am a GUY." 😆 She was so embarrassed, but we both had a good laugh.

  13. Henar says:

    Nice work space! I wish I could have something like this at home… unfortunately our house is not big, and the room we have for our computers (2 of them) is too small for anything else… When I´m rich and famous (:D) I´ll have my own studio-room with space enough for my computer and everything I need to paint and, of course, an etching space… and lots of shelves for all my books… that would be great!!!! Maybe someday…

  14. Henar says:

    I´m just thinking that I don´t really need to be famous… JUST RICH!!!!!!:lol:

  15. PainterWoman says:

    Henar, thank you. Believe me, I know what you mean about space. If my house was just a little bigger, maybe I'd have room for a table and chairs to eat off of. Even with my studio, there is still a stack of artwork I can't fit in. It is against the wall in the livingroom where I would have had a table and chairs. Someone asked me once if I would rather be rich OR famous and I said famous. But then thought, doesn't rich come along with being famous? Alas, I am neither. I think I'd settle for a little rich and a little famous. 😆 I got some retirement money the end of last year and used it to make some much needed repairs in my house, plus have my wonderful shelves built. There are still some things that need to be done like putting in a new sliding patio door. But the way the economy is and with the high gas prices, my new door will have to wait.:(

  16. PainterWoman says:

    Now that I think about it, me too. If I was even a little famous, I couldn't live my quiet lifestyle. 😆 But then, if anyone knew I was rich, I'd suddenly have many more friends……:eyes: I think that is what happens to people who win the lottery….new friends and relatives come out of the woodwork.

  17. nopanic says:

    It´s nice to be recognized and awarded for the product, but you have to love the proces…the work 🙂

  18. Henar says:

    Yep, that´s true…. we´ll have to think about another solution… 🙄 I´m with you, Nic, for me the process is certainly the most important and beautiful part of any project. Basically, it´s something like what John Lennon said… "Life is what happens to you while you´re busy making other plans". Well, the creative process is similar…

  19. PainterWoman says:

    Nic and Henar: I agree it is nice to be recognized… those few ribbons I've received. The process too is rewarding to me and I love explaining it to a few at a time. I'd have a hard time if it was for an audience. Carlos: I meant to ask you what RL stands for? I used to post on an anonymous site but most everyone had a moniker and you sort of knew who you were responding to. I actually met a few of the people. But then suddenly everyone started changing their monikers and saying really horrible and nasty things so I decided to leave.

  20. shushio says:

    RL = real life 🙂

  21. Suntana says:

    Originally posted by PainterWoman:

    Carlos: I meant to ask you what RL stands for? I used to post on an anonymous site but most everyone had a moniker and you sort of knew who you were responding to. I actually met a few of the people. But then suddenly everyone started changing their monikers and saying really horrible and nasty things so I decided to leave.

    As shushio said, yeah, RL stands for "Real Life."I've never met any of my Cyber Buds. I got close to meeting one of my female Cyber Friends. She lived in the same area as I do. She had brought up various times that we should meet up. I purposely kept putting it off cuz she was married, so I felt odd, uncomfortable. I was like, "We can't just up and meet with her being married. We have to at least invite some of the other 2 or so Cyber Friends from the area." She kept bringing it up periodically. Finally I went, "Okay, tomorrow I'm going to be at the Chili's restaurant at the corner of ____ and ____ at 11:00AM. If you happen to be in the area, drop by and say Hi." She didn't drop by.I did get to Phone Chat with my Best Cyber Bud-ette many times. We had lots of fun for hours. But, as I told an Opera Bud recently, I had to admit that I was petrified the first time that I called her cuz I was worried about what if for some weird reason we couldn't duplicate on the phone … the awesome rapport we had on the Message Board. But, Nah! We hit the ground running via phone as well.

  22. PainterWoman says:

    Man, that is weird you mention Chili's because that is where several of us would meet. I met about ten all together at different times. There'd always be 3 or 4 main people, then one or two different ones each time. We had about six meet ups and they were always fun with great conversations about everything under the sun. After the last few, things started to get ugly on the site and I really suspected one of them because he wouldn't even give his real name or moniker at the dinner. I, two other ladies and two couples were the only ones who gave our moniker names AND our real names, so everyone knew who we were….totally harmless to them. I also suspected another one who was a real fanatic about everything. Then there was one who kept posting on the board that he'd be there but never showed up….unless he was the one who never gave his name. Anyway, it just got too weird/creepy for me and I never went again. You need to be careful nowadays. RL = Real Life :doh:

  23. Suntana says:

    Whoa! That sure does sound creepy, freaky and conceivably dangerous … certainly odd and uncomfortable. May I ask, when the arrangements were made for who was going and where the meeting was gonna be held, were the details discussed via E-mail or ON the Message Board? The reason I ask is because if one or more of the attendees doesn't even give out their Moniker, how is everyone else supposed to know they ARE truly one of the Message Board Regulars / Friends in y'all's clique … and NOT some Psycho Lurker who just went to the meet up because the details were discussed ON the Board? That is VERY Odd! :insane: Whoever didn't give their Monikers and / or their Names … how did they introduce themselves when they came up to the group? Was it like just, "Hey everyone, I'm from the Board." This is like so weird. I'd say anyone who didn't give at the very least their Moniker should have been asked to leave. How the heck did y'all even manage conversation with them and amongst yourselves what with the possibility that y'all had one or more run of the mill Trolls / Lurkers among y'all? Aside of all that creepiness, it would have been shamelessly selfish on the part of those who didn't want to divulge who they were. It was like, "I want to know who YOU are, but I don't want you to know who I am." You did the right thing in putting the brakes on any future meet ups, Pam. Well, I mean at least with any Shady No Name Meet Up Crashers.

  24. Suntana says:

    Usually almost all of the Meet Ups between Cyber Friends that I read about, go well. However, there IS one that I read about between 2 of my Friends, which did NOT go well at all. They were great friends on the Message Board. They planned the Meet Up. One was flying into town. They were then going to drive out to this huge Music Festival for probably 2 days. All of us on the Board couldn't wait to read about their fun adventures on that Monday. Well, Monday came and went … and more days as well, and neither of the 2 friends even came on the Board to remotely give us any hint of how their Meet Up went. Finally after about a week, ONE of the two popped up vaguely on the Board, but without remotely touching the topic of their Meet Up. She was asked about it, but I believe she only gave some neutral answer. A couple of days after that, finally the other friend popped in on the Board with some serious allegations. We never did find out the details, but something went seriously awry. That 2nd friend accused the other one of stealing her cellphone AND inquired as to WHY did she have her husband's phone number on HER cellphone. It got ugly. Neither are on the Board anymore.

  25. PainterWoman says:

    Unfortunately, one lady insisted on posting everything on the message board. The first few times, everything was fine. It didn't bother me. But then things started to get ugly on the board and I'd asked her not to announce it. But she said she was not going to let fear dictate what she did. She wasn't afraid….I was. She said I was being a wuss.Soon after I left the board, one of the people I'd been in email contact with sent me a major virus and my computer crashed. I wrote a poem about that too. I must get going to take care of someone's cats while they are a way, then drive my daughter-in-law to her class.

  26. thatgirl says:

    I've met some of my Cyber friends *none off myopera* but some turn out to became some of my best friends and some turn out not so great. I think us femmies need to watch self, I really never gave it alot thought on few of my early meet up because i dint think "why would any one want me" but turn out one creepy guy did like more from me then just simple meet up so kinda learn if meet up make sure you know them and in place were there alot poeple around. I find its mostly creepy older men who kinda good lieing usely hurt me on that so why kinda watch self now.

  27. PainterWoman says:

    That is what I do Mel. Careful! I never meet new people unless there are other people with me and it is in a public place.

  28. PainterWoman says:

    You are so right Carlos. Right now there is a young woman AND a young man missing in my city. The woman was jogging with her dog. The dog came home, the woman did not. The young man's car was found in a ditch but he is nowhere to be found. What happened to these two? I worry all the time about my daughter who lives in Chicago. She jogs all the time…..alone. Hopefully not at night. She always tells me she doesn't.

  29. Suntana says:

    Yes, Mel, females REALLY DO have to be VERY careful if you're going to meet up with some Cyber Friend, especially if it is a male. For starters you have to make sure you don't meet up with someone too soon, too quickly after having met them Online. You want to make sure you absolutely know them very well Online before you even contemplate meeting them Offline in person. Ideally, you'd want to do it like what Pam used to do … meet in a GROUP. Although that doesn't guarantee that Creeps & Weirdos can't still sneak into a Group. But, at least it's safer than inadvertently meeting up with a Weirdo while you're One on One with them. And for sure you wouldn't want to get into a car with them on that 1st meeting.

  30. thatgirl says:

    Yeah life leasons we all learn them sometime

  31. Suntana says:

    Yeah, jogging at night is dangerous enough. Throw in usage of iPod Headphones and that is a recipe for disaster. I used to jog real early in the morning while still dark. One time I did encounter a situation that scared me. I was jogging on the sidewalk around my apartment complex. I noticed 2 guys standing there. I was immediately concerned cuz there seemed to be no reason for them to be there in the dark, standing there mysteriously. When I came upon them, they asked me, "Hey, man, you got change for a Twenty?" I just replied, "Nope, sure don't. Don't have any wallet on me." I quickly left. Now think about it … WHAT could 2 shady-looking guys in the BACK of an apartment complex, in the DARK want with Change for a Twenty Dollar Bill? It's NOT like there happened to be a Soft Drink Machine or a Munchie Machine out there and they needed the change. Nope! There was no logical reason as to why they would ask me that. What came to my mind was that IF I had said that I did have change for a Twenty (Which I really didn't), they would have conceivably stolen my wallet.I changed my jogging route after that. But, then on that new route, I started periodicaly encountering a Coyote! :yikes: :insane: I started carrying this Strap in case the Coyote wanted to start something with me. 😆 I eventually started losing my nerve and stopped the jogging out there in the DARK. I switched over to the Exercise Room instead.

  32. nopanic says:

    Did I really say positive things about the proces of makin´ art?? I´M STUCK in my drawing proces to my next painting 😥 :bomb: %¤#%¤#%!"#&¤/!§"#¤%#%#¤&/&&%¤!"¤%# :irked::lol: :whistle: Well I´ve been too tired lately…too much to do at work 🙂

  33. PainterWoman says:

    Nic, I know you did.:p On occasion, I will begin a painting by drawing with the paint brush, onto the canvas and skip the whole graphite drawing part. Not with the this one though because the drawing and partially painted figure was already there, but anything that I've added to it, is sketched in with oil paint. New photos coming next week.

  34. nopanic says:

    Oh we´re different then. Mostly it´s a torture for me if I don´t follow my rutines :left: :whistle:Drawing first..then paint 😀 Scusi

  35. shushio says:

    ''New photos coming next week. ''… looking forward to it. 🙂

  36. thatgirl says:

    If them creepy guys saw me jogging me gold short shorts then i be push in van and driven off to some crazed man or women creepy hmmm need a Dragunov sniper rifle 😀

  37. Suntana says:

    Or at least carry a Tazer, Mel … Bzzzzzzzz ZAP! :devil: Leave them there paralyzed for a while. :yes: But, it's just as dangerous for guys. I remember another time that I'm sure I avoided some sort of incident. A friend and I had gone to this multi-Club area downtown. Another friend was going to meet us there. Some time later after we had done the round of the clubs, my 2 friends decided they were going to shoot Pool elsewhere. They asked if I wanted to come along. I passed and said I was going home instead. My 1st friend goes, well let's at least walk you to your vehicle. I go, "C'mon, Man! I'm a dude! I don't need any freakin' walking to my vehicle!" My friend goes, "Yeah, but your vehicle is parked wayyy over in the boondocks. You just never know." I was like, "Fine. Whatever. Suit yourselves." I had parked my vehicle wayyy out in the middle of this empty parking lot in the afternoon, figuring once it was night, it would fill up and I didn't want other vehicles' doors hitting my vehicle.Well, as my 2 friends and I got to that parking lot, we immediately noticed that it was still completely empty. But, VERY mysteriously, parked just 2 spots away from my vehicle was this car. As we got closer, we noticed there were like 4 guys in the mysterious car. Now WHY … having an entire HUGE empty parking lot in which to park, would those 4 guys just happen to park next to my vehicle? The only reasons that popped into my mind were that:(A) They were getting ready to break into my vehicle to steal my stereo system. We just happened to have gotten there before they got the chance to pull their theft.(B) Had I been by myself, they could conceivably have mugged me, stolen my wallet and / or vehicle.(C) Had it been 1 or 2 or 3 females, they would have probably been assaulted, kidnapped for rape elsewhere. At the very least … they would have been harassed.Either way, I am 100% sure those 4 guys parked next to my vehicle were up to No Good and the fact that THREE Guys showed up instead, kinda foiled their plans.

  38. PainterWoman says:

    Mel and Carlos: I think we should all be careful and not be walking or jogging alone……at night especially. Rarely do I go out after dark anymore, if I can help it. However, someone tried to steal my car right in my driveway, in the middle of the night, a few months ago so now I have a rolling, chain link security gate that can be locked up at night. I feel much safer now. Nic: Yeah, I think we're different as far as having a routine in the creativity part of our lives. There's only a couple of things that I really stick to a routine…. earning money and paying bills.:irked: Of course, that's a given with most people. The creativity is more spontaneous and sort of ebbs and flows.

  39. thatgirl says:

    My worse thing happen few years ago when i become the talk of the small town were i grew up i really dont want talk it so openly here. But I was raped and funny how the whole town i once knew by there name turn on me because the police couldnt get one the guys talk and they team up and police couldnt charge any of them i becaeme the town lier. So I couldnt really walk into town with someone say a nasty word starting with S and in it T and not body funion. So few times i would be sent in get milk and lady at store wouldnt serv me till leave like right money on coutor and walk out and if not she wouldnt give me money change back. So when i was with mum or dad they were little differnt but if walk past garage were one guys work well you herd all coments so that why i find being alone with guys at times creepy so always pay be super careful

  40. PainterWoman says:

    Mel, I am so sorry this happened to you and it's too bad the townspeople turned on you rather than the bad guys. This happens sometimes and it is very unfortunate. Some people only think things like this happen in movies…but it is real life for you. People can be very cruel.

  41. nopanic says:

    My creativity often dissappears at the most unplesant times. That´s why I work in tight structures. When creative I make notes sketches.write down plans of work. Descriptions how I want to attack the subject in the painting. If the action in the painting is wery obvious I write a synopsis..a kind of story of what the painting is about..then when the creativity´s gone I just work after my scedules. The work that gives me an income…butter on the bread, in the servicesection of a minestry often makes me very very tired…so it´s important that i have a plan when I get home in the afternoon. After eating my supper I start the artwork, no matter how tired I am 🙂 Often I have to use every second day, just to sleep 😀

  42. PainterWoman says:

    Nic, I understand about creativity disappearing. Mine did for two years. No one could have put me in any kind of routine. I couldn't look at the paint or even pick up a brush. It was almost as if I hated it. I'm sure glad those feelings are gone and don't think it will ever happen again. Sometimes I take notes. I'll also save certain pictures from magazines or off the net and save them with the notes. Next week, when I post a couple more photos of the progress on this painting, you will see what I do with the magazine pics. I actually tape cutouts on the painting, rearrange them, etc. to get a feel for what I'm going to do next. I'll even move the painting to a different place, like in my livingroom or kitchen, so that when I pass by it, I get a fleeting glimpse, and my mind starts running with it. So, even if I'm washing dishes, I'm thinking about it. So, maybe in a way, I have a routine but it's probably more haphazard than yours. I don't have a regular 'work for income' schedule. It varies from week to week.

  43. Suntana says:

    @Mel: That is horrible, Mel! So sorry to hear about that. Unfortunately either due to bad Police work … or the Scumballs having Lowlife unscrupulous Attorneys that will do ANYTHING, including lying and bending the truth for their clients … or loopholes in the law … the victims a lot of times end up being ridiculed and made out to be the bad person. And the Scumballs get to go free to eventually commit their crime again. I can see and understand how you now have a distrust, discomfort of being alone with guys.

  44. Suntana says:

    Originally posted by PainterWoman:

    Mel and Carlos: I think we should all be careful and not be walking or jogging alone……at night especially. Rarely do I go out after dark anymore, if I can help it. However, someone tried to steal my car right in my driveway, in the middle of the night, a few months ago so now I have a rolling, chain link security gate that can be locked up at night. I feel much safer now.

    Zoits! Never had any attempted thefts of my entire vehicle. But, I did have FOUR Stereo System thefts in my previous vehicle. They were covered by the Insurance, but still, after the 4th one, I finally waved the white flag and cried uncle. I stuck a cheap, cheesy Factory Radio (Not even Cassette or CD) back in. I was burned out from the stress of wondering at any given time of day or night whether it was going to get stolen again. Now on my current Isuzu Rodeo, it still has the Factory Cassette / Radio that says "Isuzu" on it. So, that doesn't lure thiefs like the Big Brand Names do. No more Amplifiers, Equalizers, Subwoofers, Etc. to make thiefs drool.So what stopped the attempted theft of your car?

  45. nopanic says:

    It´s so great to learn how other artists work Pam. It´s very inspirering for me. In fact I collect videos – and tape all TV sessions about artists at work. I both like the similarities and the differences.When I painted watercolours I moved the painting around too. But now, with the acrylics I don´t anymore.I love the communication with other artists, here on opera. That´s really great!

  46. PainterWoman says:

    Nic, I think of Opera as being an artist haven, or cafe, and we meet for a bit on a daily basis, sip our coffee or brandy, discuss art in general then return to our studios. When I was doing watercolor, I took a week long workshop with Charles Reid. I've several of his books. I love his loose style of portraits and window scenes, with light shining through on things on a table or counter. There are a couple other watercolorists that paint even looser then he does….Alex Powers comes to mind….can't think of the other one.Carlos, I'm not sure what stopped them. Maybe they found it too hard to break in or something. The upper corner of the door was just slightly bent out but I didn't even notice that. What I noticed was the rubber moulding all around the inside corner was ripped to shreds.

  47. nopanic says:

    interesting names you come up with there. I´ll check them out later :up:

  48. PainterWoman says:

    Mel, much of my work is from my dreams and my feelings too. There are many I have not photographed. Will do that eventually and post a few of my creepy works…..or at least what a few people have said is creepy.

  49. thatgirl says:

    OOOOooooo no i like to see that

  50. thatgirl says:

    It's was due to fact that they got there stories into one lie and when I was at hospital they dint do rape test because I wasnt talking and my folks were called and when police came to interview me 3 days after i had showerd and in bed its then I said who it was and how many it was. By the time they talk to men and boys they work out a stories and they edance the police need was gone. so they couldnt charage themAny way onto better topic,Alot my work as in creative side come to me in a dream or something I see. Alot my more creepy work i get from my dreams and what feeling at time when i start on them. So I write down my dreams once i wake from them. For my work I dont try make viewer to feel something for me its what i dream or see i want to make and think is rather cool

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