Music I listen to While Painting No. 2 – The Blues

Robert Cray is my favorite blues singer. There are others but he is the first blues singer where I just about melted into a puddle when I first heard him. I have a bunch of cassette tapes that I can't play in my car so will eventually get some CDs.

This is a great song. Enjoy.

Thanks Darko for your post on the blues. It got me listening to it all morning.

About pam

I am retired from real 9 to 5 jobs. I do my artwork and occasionally write poetry. In September 2010, I moved to Fargo, ND after spending 60 years in Phoenix, Arizona. Now, five years later, July 2015, I'm back in Arizona. And yes, I love the heat!
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53 Responses to Music I listen to While Painting No. 2 – The Blues

  1. PainterWoman says:

    Oh me too! I don't know if he's ever been to Phoenix but I think I might go to the Rhythm Room this Friday anyway just to hear some blues.

  2. zetorres says:

    One more nice! :up:I wish I was there in the concert! :up:

  3. zetorres says:

    Yes :up:

  4. ellinidata says:

    Pam this is wonderful!!thanks for sharing!now will you please tell me how it feels to smell the paint and let your mind dip in your soul and express through your hands???I am proud of you and I can feel it!:heart:

  5. PainterWoman says:

    I just went out and bought a new Robert Cray CD that has this song on it.I am going to be selfish now and retire into my studio for a few days. Cheers and love to you all. You will never know how much being on Opera and talking about stuff as helped me. Thank you. :happy: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: p.s. My Cox Communications has been having difficulty the last few days and everytime I start a long email, it goes off line. Weird…like old dial up days. I think it had something to the with the thunder storms we've been having. So now is a good time to turn off the puter for a few days.

  6. ellinidata says:

    treat yourself right Pam,you deserve it!we will miss you but you will be in our hearts ! :heart:

  7. Captivevet says:

    Most white people can't play the blues because they are just pretending. I can play the blues now, but it took a lifetime to "get" it.

  8. edwardpiercy says:

    Ah, I tried. I just can't find it. I think I just googled on Literary Agents and found it, though. You might try that. Sorry.

  9. Captivevet says:

    Ed! I need a literary agent. Got any suggestions? The people I am with now are basically worthless.:cool:

  10. edwardpiercy says:

    No, afraid not. I've never had the patience for that. It was either a choice to promulgate my work or to write new stuff, and I chose the later. There is a list of agents available on the internet. It's possible to go through and try to find one that deals with your genre. I will try to find the link to that — I have to search through about 500 bookmarks. I'll get back with you fairly soon.

  11. Captivevet says:

    Thanks Ed. I have two more projects that I am working on, and I haven't touched either one in a couple of months.

  12. edwardpiercy says:

    Listened to Darko's also. And now yours. Thanks, Pam!

  13. ricewood says:

    This is good!At times it sounds much like the Gary Moore way of doing the blues.

  14. zetorres says:

    Pam, I would like post here a portuguese song!, of couse nothing about Blues! πŸ™‚ I hope all of you like it! πŸ™‚

  15. PainterWoman says:

    Thanks Allan. I went out the other day and bought the CD with this song.Jose, I like it very much. Tyler, it is easy to start sinking but I just go outside and dig in the dirt.We had a huge dust storm yesterday….gotta do that pool again. They showed it on TV and it was like rolling brown cloud engulfing everything.

  16. Captivevet says:

    I think I'm sinking down…Think I'll drink til I drown.:coffee:

  17. Captivevet says:

    That was a verse from some old blues song that I can't remember anymore. Actually, I was in such a good mood yesterday that my face almost broke!:yes:

  18. PainterWoman says:

    Oh, I didn't recognize the old song. For some reason I can't see any of the YouTube things here or on anyone else's blog. I don't know what's going on. I updated Java and thought that was the problem so uninstalled it and still have the problem. I hate computer problems!:irked:

  19. PainterWoman says:

    Yes I can view videos on YouTube but the videos I posted or anyone else posts (embeds) on their blog only appear as black squares. It doesn't even say the song or artist. I deleted mine and just posted the link. That works but I can't watch a vid on anyone elses blog.I've tried a couple of things (a restore being one). Nothing works. :irked: Plus I have a headache and no milk for coffee so I haven't had any yet.

  20. PainterWoman says:

    It's a new Dell computer from a year ago. They say they are the best. I hate the idea of calling a tech support for anything because the accents are so heavy I can never understand them. No offense to them at all, I just can't understand them. I'm gonna go get some milk so I can have some coffee. Maybe I won't feel so grumpy and my headache will go away.

  21. Captivevet says:

    The Processor may not be fast enough.:rip:

  22. Captivevet says:

    Does it work when you go to YouTube, but not when you are on Opera? Sometimes I have to use a Dell unit that was made in 1999 and it jams up on modern software.:coffee:

  23. edwardpiercy says:

    I've heard really bad stories about withdrawals from those crazy Energy Drinks. :down:

  24. Captivevet says:

    Oh Oh. Caffine withdrawls. It is probably something really stupid and simple too. Makes you want to take a hammer to it.:down:

  25. edwardpiercy says:

    All this weird shit — energy drinks, scented candles (who knows what's in those damn things), 6 or 7 Starbucks a day. And then they get down on cigarette smokers. Why can't we just go back to a time when we accepted other peoples' bad habits — like the 18th Century.I think I'd look pretty good in a wig and a long frock coat.

  26. Captivevet says:

    I tried some of those drinks back when I was a trucker. The heart palpatations were scary.:yuck:

  27. Captivevet says:

    What about tripping over the sword all of the time?:lol:

  28. PainterWoman says:

    I think those energy drinks taste awful. My brother gulps down some kind of brown stuff that looks like sewer water to me. Just lookin at it makes me want to puke. Aloe vera gel is supposed to be very good for you too. At least it's natural from a cactus. But the smell and taste combined with the gel like texture was a bit much. Just give me some orange juice please. Finally had my coffee….much later in the morning for me. Probably the reason for the headache. Sheesh, you'd think I drank it all day.I know I'd look good in one of the old beatnik outfits: black jeans, black turtle neck, black trench coat. I even have a French beret… not from France…but it'll do. Still can't see YT vids on Opera. I'm about ready to download an Opera browser in hopes it will help. I absolutely refuse to call any tech support. Too frustrating. But in the end, I may have to.

  29. edwardpiercy says:

    I couldn't be a beatnik. I can't snap my fingers. True story, I can't.But I'll tell ya one thing I could certainly do. :up:

  30. Captivevet says:

    I wore out all of my black jeans. Maybe I should try to get some more. My old blue ones have holes in them, but are still wearable for casual stuff. Also, I have a copious supply of black T shirts. Odd, I have a leather trench coat….:beer:

  31. edwardpiercy says:

    Ha! You know, I remember reading this story about a party of people back then who were sitting around talking and one woman bet that as far as the whole quick nookie business that she could disrobe faster than a man. So they placed the bet and the man and woman went into a room together. Evidently, the woman won her bet. I don't know whether to believe that she really won. Perhaps the man was just being a gentleman by saying she won.

  32. PainterWoman says:

    There'd be an awful lot of bussles to go through. πŸ˜€

  33. Captivevet says:

    She may have cut her stays with a knife. In which case her clothes would have just fallen off.:devil:

  34. edwardpiercy says:

    Ah, but she wore the clothes back out!

  35. JilleeBean says:

    Cray, awesome, YES!!! Among my daily dose of blues along with Clapton, King and many others!Nice blog!:up: 😎 ⭐

  36. Captivevet says:

    Did she completely strip? Or did she just remove enough clothes to do the Deed?:idea:

  37. edwardpiercy says:

    As I understood the passage, the bet was to take it all off. :up:

  38. Captivevet says:

    Well unless she had some new laces, my theory is a little weak.:sherlock:

  39. edwardpiercy says:

    Elementary, my dear Captivet!:D

  40. Captivevet says:

    I don't have a clue, then.:cheers:

  41. PainterWoman says:

    Jill, glad you like Cray. He's the best, to me anyway. Thanks for visiting.

  42. PainterWoman says:

    Shushio, thanks for dropping by and glad you loved Cray's song. Good luck with unpacking. When I moved 11 years ago, I think it took me a year to unpack everything.:eyes:

  43. shushio says:

    Hi, glad I dropped by … I love that. Strangely enough, was listening to Don't be Afraid of the Dark to encourage myself to unpack yet more boxes (from a move) this morning. πŸ™‚

  44. Captivevet says:

    I have had to move so many times… Every time I move I lose something.The two move rule is always in effect. If it is still in the box from a previous move, than out it goes.:coffee:

  45. Captivevet says:

    I have had to move so many times… Every time I move I lose something.The two move rule is always in effect. If it is still in the box from a previous move, than out it goes.:coffee:

  46. PainterWoman says:

    πŸ˜† πŸ˜€ Yep, just call me the 'stuff magnet'. I wonder if I can find one to put on my fridge. :p No no no….that's another stuff!

  47. Captivevet says:

    Maybe you are a "stuff" magnet? You may be a victem of the inverse proportional stuff law. What does it say in the Bible? Oh yeah: "Stuff shall beget stuff. Stuff shall accumulate until the righteous shall know it not, and beat their fists in frustration".:coffee:

  48. shushio says:

    … at the moment, be quite happy to leave it all in boxes! (Don't know how to add friends PW – if you would like to do it that will be fine. :))Edit: Ah! got it I think. Have added you. πŸ™‚

  49. PainterWoman says:

    Tyler, that's a good way of doing it. I did give a bunch of stuff away to Goodwill but then my mom passed away and I got a ton more stuff. That took me five years to go through. :yikes:

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